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                                     Customer Loyalty & Loyalty Management

All consultants use their Website to attract new clients, in my case by explaining how I can increase their profitability by using Loyalty Management techniques to build business with and through their existing customers, at a sensible cost. 

Realistically though, 99.9% of people who visit this website will never become clients, however elegantly and skillfully I describe my skills and experience.

That said all visitors to this site have an interest in loyalty and its importance in business so I want to make your visit worthwhile by discussing the subject in enough detail to be of practical value.


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Loyalty Management builds on the Golden Rule (Do unto others .....) believing that companies will have more secure growth and profits when they develop loyal relationships with their stakeholders: the company’s customers, employees, suppliers and investors.


The acid test of success in developing loyal relationships is the proportion of customers who are loyal to the company. A simple way to find out your present position is to conduct a Net Promoter survey to identify customers who are Loyal (Promoters), Satisfied (Passive) or Detractors.

Compared with simply satisfied customers loyal customers are retained longer, refer more potential customers, give a greater “share of wallet” and have much higher Lifetime Values.

I am an independent management consultant specializing in helping small companies develop loyal relationships with their stakeholders, principally their customers and employees, and then concentrating on building business and profits with, and through, existing customers. 

                                                                       RECENT TESTIMONIALS

"What Frank doesn't know about Customer Loyalty isn't worth knowing"
Mike Watson M.D. Red Dog Communications Inc. Manchester UK.

“I have worked with Frank for 15 years and have come to value him as a dear friend and trusted advisor. His loyalty is unfailing and he is always there to lean on when necessary
Nigel Sharrock, M.D. James Robertshaw (1954) & Sons Ltd, Bolton UK.

"I want to thank you for your remarkable business advice with regard to the start-up of my new company." 
Debra Dolquin, Dolquin Dancesport Marketing, Naples FL

"A great business adviser and even better friend"
Paul Messino, President, FL

“A passionate believer in the importance of client loyalty and its role in helping practices, like ours, increase profitability – a special creative person”
Rodney Gardner    , Managing Partner, Miller Gardner Law Practice, Manchester, UK

"Thank you so much for all your efforts on my behalf,  you gave me wise counsel"
Joel Johnson Jr. President , Gulf Coast Airways Inc. Naples FL